The best strength equipment is built to last, has easy to use functionality and has a great warranty. Our strength equipment ticks all these boxes. We have three main ranges as well as our innovative Box Gym. 

Pro Series

The Endura Fitness Pro Series is our premium commercial strength equipment range. All of our best features and most innovative technology are in this range. If you’re looking for the best commercial strength equipment for your gym or fitness facility then look no further than the Endura Fitness Pro Series.

Bigger Weight Stacks

Our Pro Series selectorized equipment comes with heavier weight stacks compared to our X series equipment.

Premium Features

Pro Series also comes with more features. So expect gas assisted adjustment levers, independant movement arms and more.

Custom Builds

The Pro Series is also available in a choice of frame and uphostery colours, enabling you to pick equipment that matches your branding.

X Series

Endura Fitness X Series is our high quality, budget friendly strength range. It still offers all of the key features and build quality you’d expect from commercial strength equipment, but at lower costs. Most gyms combine both Pro Series and X Series in their gym installations to get the best from both ranges.

Great Warranties

This normally means 10 years on frames, 5 years on mechanical parts and 1 year on upholstery. Though this may vary by product.

Budget Friendly

X Series is built with economy in mind. The fundamentals such as build quality and durability haven’t been compromised.

Wide Range

Our X Series has a very wide range of products. This includes: selectorized strength, racks and benches as well as plate-loaded strength machines.


Every good gym has a wide selection of free weights and functional equipment. We offer a great selection of both to help you build the perfect gym. From kettlebells to Olympic bumper plates, we have you covered. Our stylish and durable free weights will give your fitness facility an elite feel.

Low Cost Products

We offer premium free weights at very competitive prices. Allowing you to offer more selection to your customers at a lower cost.

Wide Range

We offer a wide range of free weights and functional equipment. Our range is constantly expanding and developing, to bring you the latest innovations.

Solid Build Quality

Our customers always compliment our durability. Free weights are simple things, so durability is key, we build our products to last so you can rely on them.


Some are calling it a game changer in the fitness world. Box Gym delivers the high level of versatility that comes with cable machines, however in a folding package. This makes it ideal for medical and rehabilitation, light commercial gym environments, hotels, personal training studios and home gyms where a compact footprint and ease of set-up are important.

Compact Folding Design

Box Gym folds from a typical small-form twin cable machine to under half that size. Allowing it to be wheeled away for easy storage.

Built-in Bench

Unbelivably, Box Gym comes with an adjustable yet foldaway bench, further enhancing the versatility of this innovative product.

Removable Weights

The weight plates have been designed, so that they can be removed from the weight stack and used as free weights, improving the capabilities of Box Gym