Equipment leasing can be a very savvy strategy, allowing you to manage cashflow and get your gym project started more quickly. Spread the cost of large equipment investments over time, taking the financial stress out of a new gym project.

Benefits of Leasing


Option to Buy

Option to buy at the end of the lease for 10% of the invoice value or we will remove your old equipment and replace with brand new equipment and set up a new leasing plan.


Simplify Outgoings

Simplify your monthly outgoings with just one monthly payment. Our installation, servicing and maintenance costs are all included within a single monthly payment.


Speed Up Your Project

Rather than waiting for capital investment or loans before starting your gym project, you can have the equipment immediately and pay as you start making money.


Tax Savings

There are tax advantages as you are permitted to claim the payment associated with the leased equipment as part of your business expenses. This lowers the company’s taxable income.