If you need a little inspiration and assistance to turn your fitness project ideas into a reality, we offer a complete 3D gym design service. This allows you to visualise your gym or studio project build and see exactly how every piece of equipment fits in your space.

Benefits of 3D Gym Design

Optimise For Your Budget

Visualising what equipment will fit where, allows you to make intelligent decisions on selecting the best equipment and therefore maximising your budget.


Optimise for Your Space

Gym floor space is an absolute premium. By 3D planning your gym, you’ll be making best use of every square meter and can take into account safe areas.

See Your Plans Come Alive

Not only is 3D planning more effecient, it’s more fun and exciting! See your dream set-up come to life, move things around easily, saving time on the final project.

3D Commercial Gym Design

Let us design your commercial gym project for you, and we’ll come up with a range of design options for you, that you can tweak. Maybe you’re looking to obtain investment for a commercial project and having 3D plans will help with your investors pitch. Or maybe you just want to make the most efficient use of your precious floor space. Whatever your goals, we can help you visualise them in advance, with our advanced 3D planning tools.

Gym Design Case Studies

3D Garden Container Gym Design

This client had an exciting project lined up, they wanted a cardio studio built in their garden, but had limited space. They wanted to maximise the use of the space and make it feel like being in a professional gym environment at home. Utilising our 3D design services, we helped turn their dream into a reality, with the final installation almost indistinguishable from their 3D plan.

If you’re interested in a free 3D design consultation to turn your project into a reality, send us a message on the contact form below.